If you wanted some new music to listen to, and we mean new as in almost completely unknown, then here's a good opportunity – and it's even better if you like your music rock-flavoured and spiced with grunge; this is 'Eleanor', the only track so far uploaded to the SoundCloud of a band called Wayde.

Ostensibly from Essex (or e$$ex, as they put it), the band comprises Tyrone, James, Miles and Huw, who make music that features the overdriven crunch and dissonance of grunge, but with an airy, laid-back vibe – perhaps mainly from the melodic harmonised vocals, which seem far-off and lingering, and the slow lolloping beat – which gives it a West Coast (USA, not UK; that'd take us to Bristol) slacker feel. The result? A noisy and abrasive yet relaxed and pretty slice of modern rock. Allow your ears the pleasure and listen below.