Say 'ello to Joseph J. Jones. Eagle-eyed readers will be well aware that this is not Joseph's first release - that goes to the still rather excellent 'The Video', which was first unveiled back in May. Sure, it managed to land on the right ears and find its way in the right places but it's one of those truly stunning records that make you think "why doesn't everyone know about this yet?"

For his second musical release, Jones is playing in 'The Dirt' which feels and sounds like a natural progression from 'The Video'. That same soul-rich voice wraps the eardrums, accompanied by those familiar stabbing piano chords. It's painfully heartbreaking yet beautifully delicate in a way that just fills the soul with heartache and happiness at the same time. "The Dirt is a personal reflection of a time recently where I was fucking up probably more than the usual and my behaviour was taking things from bad to worse," Jones told us via email. "All late night stuff and what can go on into the early hours. Listening back to the song now it sort of pinpoints the unknowing of myself and how my actions were impacting on not just me but lots of other people. A low point in all honesty."

'The Dirt' is part of Jones' debut four-track EP Hurricane, which is also available now on Spotify, Apple Music and all good digital platforms via Communion Records. Jones plays London's Social on October 25 with tickets available now.