Euphoric folk rock is the kind of music that can do the soul some good. Unfortunately, finding those who can do it well isn't as easy as one might hope. But then, of course, there are groups like The Morning Yells who seem to just spring up out of nowhere with a batch of high-quality tunes that are simply addicting listens. One such example would be The Morning Yells' 'Must Be You,' which is taken from their upcoming EP, Proper Wilted.

Featuring a propulsive drum beat at its foundation, 'Must Be You' blurs the lines between Americana, Fleetwood Mac and, amazingly, Motown. Vocalist Phil Stancil, who formed the band with his sister Laura, has a timeless voice that allows him to push his lyrics past platitudes thanks to his palpable passion. And on top of that, 'Must Be You' has one hell of a chorus. Soaring and anthemic, 'Must Be You' is the product of The Morning Yells working hard but also having a little bit of fun.

"'Must Be You' was inspired by old Motown rhythms and strong bass lines that they tended to have," says Stancil. "We wanted it to mix the suspended chord movements from 70s soft rock with the energy of an Elvis Costello or Tom Petty tune. We dabbled with a horn section on this one, but our guitar player, Trevor Smith, improvised a piano part in the studio that we loved. It builds up through the song and ends up in this honky-tonk celebration at the end that made us all laugh."

Take a listen to the delightful 'Must Be You' below and make sure to check out The Morning Yells' Proper Wilted EP on Oct. 6. If this track is any indication, it should be a real treat.