Vonica is a London-based electronic music producer, who was born in Germany and raised in Italy. He brings this pan-European taste to his productions, of which he'll be releasing his first collection Sol De Nit on August 17th.

The first track to be shared from the EP is 'Ai', which he discusses, saying: "The first demo ideas for this track were written after I'd been to an Ai Wei Wei exhibition at the Royal Academy, hence the name. Musically it was one of the first songs to come about so it has this strong sense of urgency and joy of expressing myself under a different guise."

The "urgency and joy" certainly come bouncing straight out of this insuppressibly buoyant track, which easily ingratiates itself to any listeners - especially at this sunny and vibrant time of year. 'Ai' is an absolute blast of energy from start to finish, even within its more subdued moments springing about like a jack in the box on ecstasy, only to completely burst out of its enclosure in the overwhelming finale. Check it out below.

Vonica's debut EP Sol De Nit comes out on August 17th; keep up with him on Facebook.