Label: Wichita Website: There is much beauty in simplicity here, slight gentle melodies from a child’s organ that spin around like a whirligig beetle carrying with them some bare percussion and playful funny lyrics before disappearing giggling to themselves or fading into wistfulness. I’ve really had a lot of fun listening to this album, everyday nuggets of life wisdom are mixed in with quirky silliness. One of my favourite lines is “D’you like mayonnaise? I like mayonnaise. D’you like your friends? Good time friends mayonnaise.” from a track called ‘Like This? Then Try This’. It can be quite beautiful at times too, very tender and plaintive such as on ‘1000 Pictures Of You’ which features some falsetto singing that could be silly but comes off as quite beautiful, some lovely harmonies and the line “And every night I see you in my dreams, When I’m awake I see you in the street”. Then there’s ‘Harp I A II AR 1’, which starts off with a squall of electronic and white noise from which emerges a wonky piano melody that staggers around amongst the sound for a bit before the whole thing gives way to a simple recorder part accompanied by tambourine and hand clapping like an infant school playalong. After this ‘The Fairy Feller’s Master Stroke’ is a soothing set of piano scales with a metronomic keyboard note that builds ever so slightly towards the end and features some brief harmony singing that fades in and out. The one to last track exhorts the simple message to have a chicken dinner before the album opens as it began with some upbeat rat-a-tat-tatism. It feels like quite a slight album overall but then I don’t think it was intended to carry a greater message other than put some smiles on some faces and maybe make some toes tap. And this it does with aplomb. Rating: 7.5/10