Eva Gardner, the daughter of prolific British Invasion-era bassist Kim Gardner, is preparing to release her debut EP, Chasing Ghosts. On her new single 'Dirty Bird,' Gardner showcases a gritty yet alluring sound she has crafted over years of performing with an eclectic array of groups and performers.

With a fun telephone sound effect flickering through the background, chunky guitars and thick bass create a heavy foundation for Gardner's surprisingly light and fun vocal performance. "You make me feel like a dirty bird," she sings to an unspecified lover. The track seems to draw from grunge, punk, garage rock and even a little pop all at once. The end result is an eminently listenable track that thrives on Gardner's evident talents.

Check out Eva Gardner's 'Dirty Bird' up above and be on the lookout for her Chasing Ghosts EP, due out June 14.