Following up the group's 2013 sophomore release Spectral Dusk, Ontario outfit Evening Hymns have announced their newest album Quiet Energies and the album's first single 'All My Life I Have Been Running'.

On the single, frontman Jonas Bonnetta says, "'All My Life I Have Been Running' is about gaining clarity and finding comfort in chaos. I was seeking release when I made & toured my last record, but eventually I realized nothing was ever going to satisfy me if I kept analyzing everything with so much intensity. I needed to write a ripper - a song with a Tom Petty bridge - about accepting who I am and how I perceive the world. Everything has led to this distinct level of clarity that I have now about my dad passing away."

Quiet Energies, which the band recorded after a move from Toronto back to the Ontario countryside, will debut October 16th on Tin Angel Records in Europe (not France). On the album, Bonnetta continues, "Quiet Energies is the concept that all of this pent-up energy could be stored inside these quiet moments - a whisper that could be as effective as an explosion."

Listen to 'All My Life I Have Been Running' below.