Josh Orter a mathematician from new website Stupid Calculations has easily calculated the combined screen size of every iPhone sold from Apple sales data, creating a hypothetical Monolith like the one from 2001: A Space Odyssey (the one near Jupiter, not the one on Earth or the moon).

According to his calculations, the monolithic screen would tower at 5.059 feet tall and 2,846 feet wide, a little bit wider than New York’s Central Park and triple the height of the new ‘One World Trade Center’.

Although Orter has broken down the calculation on his website, the general summary of how he did it came from him calculating every iPhone purchase since 2007 until its current quarter (Approx. 352,292,000). He then calculated the surface area of every iPhone factoring in the generational change in hardware from a 3.5” diagonal screen to the iPhone 5’s 4” screen.

There are a lot more calculations on his website, and it's well worth checking out.