Manchester's music community has expressed support of a bid to bring new TV station Made in Manchester to the city. With an emphasis on music, the station has lined up BBC6 Music presenter Marc Riley and Oliver Wilson, (son of music mogul Tony Wilson) amongst others to host a series of new music strands.

Jeremy Pritchard of Everything Everything comments:

"Although none of us are originally from Manchester, we a long time ago made it our home specifically for the opportunities a city like it continually affords. We appeared numerous times on Channel M Music and would tune into the shows regularly. The support from within Manchester’s music community for Made in Manchester TV in particular is overwhelming."

Manchester is one of a number of cities in line to receive a licence to broadcast locally on Freeview channel 8 by regulator OFCOM. The Made in Manchester brand is hoping their commitment to championing Manchester's rich music scene will be instrumental in setting them apart from rival bids.

Delphic front man, James Cook elaborates:

“Channel M Music were complicit in us first getting noticed by the industry and fans alike, it quite literally started for us in front of local TV cameras and the prospect of this being able to happen again for some of the new and exciting acts our city has to offer is too good a opportunity to miss.”

Credited with providing early media support to local and international acts such as Metronomy, Justice and Wild Beasts in his time overseeing [now defunct] Channel M Music; station manager, Dan Parrott concludes:

"We’re extremely excited about working with presenters with such a great track record and lineage. I may be biased but as far as I am concerned, Manchester is at the centre of [the] musical universe and programming will go some way to help keep it that way."

If successful, the station will launch in summer 2013.