Manchester's Everything Everything are unashamedly catchy and forwardly arty, and have a vast list of influences, including bands as musically far apart as The Beatles and Radiohead.

It makes sense then, that Everything Everything do indeed have a reputation for being able to form a cool, fresh, exciting and innovative result from an odd concoction of different genres of music. Their debut album Man Alive fused together precise guitar patterns with a fluctuating vocal ranging from low notes to falsetto within seconds with lyrics of a certain level of complexity. Perhaps, you could say that Everything Everything hop between genres with ease, or even create their own new genre comprised of a mix of math-rock, post punk and contemporary R&B. However, the importance for a chorus is still strong, despite the musical intricacy.

'Photoshop Handsome' has everything you would want from a pop song; a sing-a-long melody (if you're brave), a danceable beat, and a certain uniqueness to it. I remember the first time I heard it; and I remember thinking that it was like nothing I had ever heard in my life. Military style drums lead the track, and singer Jonathan Higgs' unusual vocal delivery makes the track even more inviting to the ear, not forgetting the almost 'call and response' approach to the backing vocals from the rest of the band.

Concerning their reputation for being unusual, this has to be best shown by the 'Photoshop Handsome' music video, as even describing it sounds weird and intriguing. It sees singer Jonathan Higgs with his own pair of breasts or an egg for a face, while he sings in tandem with a bear, perhaps a reference to the song's title? After all, photo editing software does allow us to appear however we want to.

Potentially Everything Everything wanted to question how far people could take this motive if they chose to and maybe find the extreme conclusion. The lyrics do relate to this idea, "Who did your Photoshop Handsome?/ You ready for reincarnation?/ Gotta come back as something organic or come back as something else!" The result of the video sees the band recreate themselves hundreds of times in three minutes, using violent splashes of colour and outlandish ideas.

'Photoshop Handsome' is a brilliant example of why Everything Everything have been welcomed into the lives of many music fans throughout the country last year as it features layer upon layer of harmonies, chants and an edgy keyboard. More importantly, it represents all that Everything Everything has to offer in one three minute burst - and it's definitely not something to miss out on.