Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Hannah Karydas aka Eves The Behaviour has shared a new track called 'Girl' - one that deals directly with the pressures on girls whilst growing up, with regards to modern day feminism and social media.

"There's a sort of unprecedented darkness that's brewing over modern feminism. A new beast that needs tackling," she writes, explaining the ideas behind the new song. "I refuse to believe I'm being old fashioned in saying that it comes out of the widening jaw of social media. Because I don't write this from an arm's length away... most days I feel like I'm being swallowed whole. I am growing up with very confused ideas of how to look and behave as a young woman. I'm terrified of growing up not knowing how to feel good about myself. And I'm terrified that other girls are in the same situation. I am slowly re-defining my perception of where I'm placed in the world and in my relationships."

This new single, arriving via Island Records on 13th November, follows Karydas' Electrical EP, released back in July of this year.