Evian Christ's much anticipated EP Waterfall is set to be released this March via Tri Angle Records. The four track release will have both digital and special vinyl editions, with 'Salt Caroussel' being its first shared track.

Recorded partially in his hometown of Ellesmere Port and partially in New York, Waterfall was mixed by Noah Rubin (Pusha T, Wu Tang Clan) and mastered by Heba Kedry (The Mars Volta, Liturgy, Fis); the release sees Evian Christ taking his unique sound into a far noisier and more aggressive territory.

To celebrate the release of the EP, Evian Christ will be throwing another Trance Party in London, this time at Oval Space, on March 21st. The line-up includes Travis Scott (Live), Millie & Andrea (aka Andy Stott and Miles Whittaker) (Live), Lil Silva, Sophie (Live), and Powell and Mssingno. You can buy tickets for Trance Part II here.

Check out Waterfall's tracklist below.

  • 1. Salt Carousel
  • 2. Fuck Idol
  • 3. Propeller
  • 4. Waterfall