UK producer Evian Christ (real name: Joshua Leary) has created a mix for Dummy, and oh boy is it good.

The mix is composed entirely of original material, and the producer says that it was "inspired by a vast Soviet audio weapon." Well isn't everyone's music inspired by audio weapons? If not, how do you explain 'Call Me Maybe', that song attacks you. I'm pretty sure it was created by evil people for evil purposes.

Anyway, the mix can be heard below, so get to it!

"Duga-three is a four-part piece of music I wrote after reading about a Soviet signal transmitter of the same name. it was characterised by the repetitive tapping sound it broadcast, which was sufficiently powerful enough to intercept transitions across the world. After 28 years of transmission, the Duga-3 array was abandoned as mysteriously and unexpectedly as it had appeared."