"Ignorance about rape can tragically mute any instinct to protect or tell." These are the first words ex-Babes in Toyland bassist Maureen Herman wrote in a personal essay published last July, about her experiences with sexual assault, victim blaming and the story of The Runaways bassist Jackie Fox, who was allegedly raped in 1975 by the band's manager Kim Fowley, in front of a room full of people. "As a rape and incest survivor myself, it matters to me how victims are perceived and treated in the press and public. In cases where they come unapologetically forward, as Fox is doing, they win my deep admiration. I never reported them to police, in one case because I was an active addict at the time, and, following the script of fear I had learned growing up female in America, I partly blamed myself for the turn of events," she went on to write.

In August, Babes in Toyland announced that Maureen would be exiting the riot grrrl band, citing "personal differences" for the separation. However, Maureen has spoken out via a recent Facebook post, claiming it was her essay that got her kicked out of the band.

"Despite the severe fallout from my own bandmates about writing the article, and it being the catalyst for me getting kicked out of my band, I regret nothing. I will never be silenced, by ANYONE," the post reads. In a phone conversation with City Pages, Babes in Toyland drummer Tori Barbero denied the claims, but Maureen persisted in the comment section of her Facebook post, stating that that Tori was partly uncomfortable with the essay due to her production work for a band signed to the label owned by former Runaways singer, Joan Jett.