Chris Walla has announced he'll be releasing a solo album - his first since leaving Death Cab For Cutie. Tapes Loops is due out on October 16th via his own imprint Trans Records and is preceded by 'Kanta's Theme', which you can check out below.

Walla left the band after playing on their latest album Kintsugi, explaining that he was "feeling like Ben [Gibbard]'s stories weren't coinciding with my own life in a way that I could continue to prioritize my whole living experience for."

"Those guys, they are my brothers," he added, explaining he maintains a good relationship with te rest of the members. "We haven’t spoken a lot, but it doesn’t change the fact that I love them dearly and I hope it all continues to go well. I hope that those relationships can be new again someday, and strong again, in a way that is probably very different from how they were, but not fraught."

Stream 'Kanta's Theme' below.