The immature dissolution of Majical Cloudz is one of the most disappointing occurrences in music of recent years, only made bearable by the promise of music still to come from the pair in isolation. After two years of silence, singer Devon Welsh has made good on that promise with the release of a new song called 'I'll Be Your Ladder'.

Welsh's new track is as stark and striking as many of the best Majical Cloudz songs, as it sticks with the deceptively simple production style that couples so marvellously with his soul-searching voice. 'I'll Be Your Ladder' is constructed mainly from a long and graceful saxophone loop, with slight dashes of violins and bass tones creeping their way into the mix. This is the perfect shrouded space for Welsh's words of utter devotion to heft their full meaning, which is so much more than just the words could simply say, but the extra depth of meaning is conveyed by his committed and passionate vocal performance. As a first taste of post-Majical Cloudz music, it is both connected to the duo's output and shows signs of progression to a new and equally fertile realm for Welsh. Check it out below.

We'll bring you more news on Devon Welsh's solo material as it occurs.