When WU LYF's frontman Ellery Roberts announced the band had split via the message "WU LYF is dead to me" - what did the other members of the band think?

Well courtesy of an interview with NME, we finally find out what we suspected all along... they were pretty confused.

"We all knew it wasn't working," says drummer Joe Manning. "There's no one explanation for it. There's a million reasons that don't amount to much more than it just didn't work. No one is trying to cover anything up. If it doesn't work it's going to break eventually... None of us knew that [Roberts' statement] was going to happen before we read it on the internet… There's nothing cryptic in that message for me; it's personal, and I don't know why he had to do it like that."

Joe Manning, Tom McClung and Evans Kati have since started a new band called Los Porcos. Check out a couple of their tracks here.