Everyone love’s guessing a sample or better still discovering an old song because you loved the sound of a sample in a new song, but how many times have you been left guessing or trawling through your iTunes like a needle in a haystack desperately trying to remember what song it was used in or what song it was taken from?

Well, if you haven’t discovered either whosampled.com or their nifty app we’d urge you in their direction, however the site has come under criticism from some quarters for taking away some of the magic of the sample. To answer some of those critics the website has put together this vey informative presentation analysing the last 30 years of sampling.

Some highlights include James Brown being crowned the most sampled artist as well as figures showing the increase in samples from 253 in 1982 to EIGHTEEN times that in 2010 and the shocking news that 2002 seems to be the most original year for music in the past two decades!

Finally, we also like the breakdown of a certain hip hop producer’s work proving once again, like his headphones, they are hardly original!