New York City-based four piece Forest Fire are not only incendiary by name but also by nature - providing emotive tracks with a strong art-punk undercurrent, and thus creating something of ballsy worth.

Their third LP Screens is out as of this week and a cracker it is too - we described it in our review as "an album that is frequently beautiful, raw and poignant in equal measure". In celebration of this release, FF have created a special mix for us - download it below and read the intro in regards to the mix below.

“We made Screens in the woods, about an hour north of New York City on the Hudson River near the sculpture garden Storm King. Adam Pierce (USA Fat Cat label head) was gracious enough to lend his home & studio where we lived and recorded the songs to 2" tape in exactly one week with our engineer and producer Jonathan Schenke. This was some kind of dream for us as a band. We worked 10-12 hour days, cooked meals, went for walks and some of us took pills & cigarette breaks. We recorded all basic tracks in 1- 3 takes. We did not second guess ourselves. Here are some select cuts off records we couldn't stop listening to in & around that time. I don't really think of them as songs, to me they're museum pieces."

  • Tracklisting
  • Kraftwerk - Europe Endless
  • Joy Division - Decades
  • Lou Reed - Crazy Feeling
  • Cocteau Twins - Pandora
  • The Feelies - Forces at Work
  • Laurie Anderson - Let X = X
  • Elvis Costello - You Little Fool
  • Talking Heads - The Big Country
  • Kate Bush - Morning Fog
  • The Moody Blues - In Your Wildest Dreams
  • Nico - Roses in the Snow
  • The Jesus And Mary Chain - About You