To celebrate the release of Alex Highton's forthcoming album Woodditton Wives Club (out Feb 27th) and the album launch at Kings Place on Feb 24th (tickets) - Highton has put together an exclusive mix for us.

"The songs on this mix are all tracks that never leave my stereo for any large amount of time. I know them all inside and out. I suppose they all tell stories in one way or another and, whether it's a forgotten England, the mysteries of teenage love or a heart broken, they all come from a very personal place.

"I do very much feel that, although the stories may not be literally true, there’s a level of truth to all of them. Which is where I tried to head with my record, not that I’d dare to compare myself with the honest to goodness full on genius presented here. I just did my best to be as truthful as I could, as for some unfathomable reason, writing the songs seemed to clear my head and help me think a little straighter.

"I say this but to be honest I have next to no idea what Paolo Conte is singing about. It does however sound like he’s having a really good time."

Click here to download the mix.

  • 1. The Incredible String Band - First Girl I Loved
  • 2. Paolo Conte - La Topolino Amaranto
  • 3. Karen Dalton - It Hurts Me Too
  • 4. Michael Nesmith - Different Drum
  • 5. Pentangle - Train Song
  • 6. Bert Jansch - Blackwater Side
  • 7. Big Star - Thirteen
  • 8. David Ackles - That's No Reason To Cry
  • 9. Davy Graham - Rock Me Baby
  • 10. Nilsson - The Moonbeam Song
  • 11. Nick Drake - Time Of No Reply
  • 12. Jake Thackray - North Country Song
  • 13. Joni Mitchell - Car On A Hill
  • 14. Randy Newman - Political Science
  • 15. Tim Hardin - Smugglin Man
  • 16. Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Penguin Cafe Single