While we can vouch that Drones Club is one of the most exciting new bands out of the UK this year, the collective has already gone international. "Welcome tens of thousands from the sun," the surging electronic group sings on their most recent single that fuses pulsating production with political intent.

Get to know the electro boys through the creative lens of photographer Alastair Bartlett and an exclusive Q&A below.

Where did the inspiration behind the shoot come from? Who shot it?

We like to use vehicles in our shoots. When you look at a vehicle, captured and framed, you can’t help but project motion onto it, sense the potential of a journey. And when it’s some bad waxed up limo like this you can see yourself in the reflection. You can imagine yourself and your loved ones riding out, eyes wide, out the sunroof, waving your shirt round your head like a weekend pirate. Go there. The setting of the shoot is unclear but there might be a field, glimpsed in the reflection, somewhere soft and pleasant you can lie when you’re done. The car is us, and there’s plenty of room for you. The photographer is Alastair Bartlett, he has a database of hidden locations in Britain’s half-wilderness, places of forgotten stillness. Disappearing paths that beckon you to follow them. When the weather conditions are right he’s very quick. So you have to hope for the right conditions.

Why is "political rallying, apocalyptic raves, and musical ceremonies" so important to the times and why you've decided to release music this summer?

The mind is most receptive to new ideas when it’s softened by shock. We want to rattle people’s ribs to free their souls. It has always been the right time but right now? What can you see? We see nazi sympathisers in the Shitehouse, a simpering wheat-enthusiast walking the Alps while people burn and nurses go hungry. We see a people divided by hatred and aching for reconciliation, like lovers not speaking after an argument but secretly desiring one another again. The people are ready for the next bit, ready to be together. There is so much hope in the face of so much hate. And we can help! You can help, we are all participants in culture whether we like it or not, do your best, rave harder, love more, look the part, ride the whales. If they will have you.

What's next for Drones Club?

We need to grow! We are still an infant, two and a half years old. We are working on the expansion of operations. We will have new music for you in the Autumn along with big gigs. We’re developing a piece of technology that produces an infinite party soundtrack, the Deep Entertainer. Basically we’ve got a lot on, we need more members, contact us on any of our outlets for details.