Thursday 12th July sees the opening day of EXIT Festival and will run for four days until Sunday; though paltry in comparison to the first ever festival held 13 years ago, which lasted for 100 days.

This is where EXIT comes into it's own, in that it possesses a rich and unique history; a festival born out of a protest against the brutal reign of Slobodan Milošević. Since then the festival, held in the abandoned Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad, has grown and evolved considerably and attracts an eclectic range of high-end acts, with many stages, genres and beaches represented.

With temperatures expected to sore into the upper 30's and overnight lows in the mid-20s, there will be noting else to do aside from party - and this is very much reflected in the dance-tastic. line-up. Here are five such acts to watch out for.

Check out our fascinating interview with Festival co-creator Bojan Boskvic here.

Azari & III

Azari & III's eponymous album hit the UK earlier this year, and with it came a wave of unadulterated hedonism from the good-time Canadian quartet. The duo of Dinamo Azari and Alixander III had been DJ buddies for many years, before adding vocalists Fritz Helder and Starving Yet Full to the line-up.

What an inspired move that was; the sassy house stylings thump overtly from behind the decks, whilst the vox add a fantastical pop bravado. The result is a deliciously camp, guilt-free 90's pleasure - with a really very consistent hit rate. In a live setting they live-up to the high energy, high-camp nature of the album - and then some. On before them is the house-master Claude VonStroke; so get ready for the switch from beard-stroking driving solipsism, to stroking the beards of total strangers. Surely the ultimate festival experience of epicureanism.

Teengirl Fantasy

Dont be scared to Google potential NSFW words Teengirl Fantasy. The American duo creeped onto the radar of many via the stunning cosmic-synth cut, 'Cheaters' (Fact infamously naming it their track of 2010). That track came from debut album 7AM, full of smooth, cut-up post-everything electronica, ya know, early James Blake, How To Dress Well et al.

So with that in mind it's of no surprise that imminent album Tracer is to be released on electronic institution R&S Records - and you'll be pleased to here that it's another corker. Take a listen to 'Motif'; although its not featured on the album, is indicative of their dreamy yet body-shaking approach; be sure to check out the B-side which is a remix by Actress also, who takes it into glorious new bassy realms. They will be gracing the superbly monikered HappyNoviSad Stage, where you can also catch a choice bunch of electronic-based acts such as Addison Grove, Jimmy Edgar and Apriah.

When Saints Go Machine has this to say about When Saint Go Machine in their bio:

When Saints Go Machine is a Danish electro-pop group from Copenhagen.
The group consists of four men

This is not particularly useful, as true as it may be. However, the first comment (or Shoutbox for you parents out there) says:

Arthur Russell lives!

Now we're getting somewhere. The comparison to the hilariously forward-thinking multi-layered NYC genius holds some gravity in some respects; an unusual vocal that may be an obstacle at first, though after multiple listens really buries under your skin. And also in respect to a skeletal, melodic bass structure and beautiful left field sound that flirt there way through moreish tracks. Though, Antony Hegarty (more on him shortly) is a better reference point in regards to the voice.

Konkylie demonstrates all of the above fabulously - an album that rewards with multiple listens, that is somewhere between gloomy/happy 80's pop of Kate Bush, and a languid Hot Chip funk. By far the best thing on at their time slot of 2am on Thursday (technically Friday).

Hercules and Love Affair

Continuing the debauched-electronic theme here - and that generally runs through much of the festival line-up, is Hercules and Love Affair. With two splendid albums crammed with contemporary disco beauties, the NYC troupe will be a guarantee of a joyous 45 minutes of your life in the baking Serbian sun. Expect it will be in the deep of the night.

Looking back, the self-titled album, released on DFA, is something of a 00's classic - everything Tim Goldsworthy touches really does turn to electro-future gold doesn't it? It's smart, euphoric, sexy, eclectic - as close to dance perfection that you can get; the icing on the cake the vocals of Anthony Hegarty. They're on before New Order and thus will almost certainly get the huge crowd of which they will deserve. Talking of which...

New Order

Sure it's an obvious one, but… it's New Order for Gods Sake, a band of Substance, Technique and 'Ecstasy'. Every other vaguely-electronic-based act cites Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris and co as some kind of influence; not only in that they were pioneers in electro-pop, but that their material still sounds shockingly relevant and contemporary to date. From techno, to electro and to pop.

Manchester's finest headline the Main stage on the Friday night - the ideal slot before the excess of festival goers drags the vibe down. Not bad for a band struggling to step out of the shadows of Joy Division ay?