The history of pop music (and well, music in general) is littered with songs that evoke the idea of love - in particular, new love - as a transformational force. With her new single ‘Religion!’ Los Angeles-based internet pop artist, blockchain evangelist and social media ghost in the machine Shelita delivers her take on this long-standing trope. Utilizing a hybrid dancehall/RnB vocal cadence, she considers romantic love through the metaphor of falling wholeheartedly for a new religion, with a cybernetic club beat powering proceedings. Sweet and sentimental, but strident, and perfect for both the moment and lingering nostalgia, it’s the most confident and convincing song she’s released yet.

Shelita says: “I poured my whole being and heart into this one. Sometimes you are so in love with someone, and it is a divine experience that takes you to a higher place that is hard to put into words. In this song, I wanted to write and deliver something that captured that feeling.”

You can also check out our 2017 interview with Shelita here. ‘Religion!’ is available to stream or purchase via all the main digital services.