UK eclectic pop singer Ralph Taylor returns with ‘Animals’, his second single of the year. The Suffolk-born musician is just 20 years old, but his aptitude for complex groovy beats, hook-laden arrangements, and deep pop sensibilities belies his youth. With refined productions, chic melodies, and a lax vocal delivery, the South London artist’s modern resonance is energizing and hip.

Drawing sonic inspirations from the likes of Prince, Jamie Woon, and rising star Rex Orange County, Taylor shows off his affinity for crisp-pop and authentic lyrics. To accompany his new single is the music video for ‘Animals’. The humorous and eccentric visual representation is abounding with energy and zest. The Andy Banjanin-directed clip feels like a celebration of existence and friendship even when your sometimes dealt the wrong cards in the game of life.

Here’s what Taylor had to share on his single and video: “‘Animals’ is actually a song I wrote about the loss of an old friend and the emotions that brought with it. It’s tough, but ultimately you’ve got to keep that head up high and look for the silver linings hence the upbeat feel. However when it came to the video I wanted to do something a little more lighthearted and have a bit of fun with it. Everyone has a naughty side (their cheeky monkey) and the Monkey in my video symbolizes that, the part of me that doesn’t always make the best decisions. He’s definitely ended up taking on a life of his own though...”

With ‘Animals,’ Taylor and his band specialize in funky and infectious pop. It’s a slight change of pace as last year’s singles, ‘My Love’ and ‘Limit’, which trek down a more experimental pop road with alt-R&B undertones occupying the scene. Ralph Taylor’s prior release this year was the more electronic-induced ‘Eyes’. He will be adding more shows in 2019 as preps his next EP.

Watch ‘Animals’ music video below:

‘Animals’ is released today (November 26) via Casual Records Club. Follow Ralph Taylor on Facebook.