audiobooks, the duo of David Wrench and Evangeline Ling, recently released their debut EP Gothenburg on Heavenly, to much excitement. It's a weird blend of electronic beats, crunchy production and prosaic observational lyricism. Today they return with an entirely new track called 'Hot Salt', which is already showing intriguing development from the EP.

Speaking about ‘Hot Salt’, the band say: “We wrote and recorded Hot Salt on Midsummer last year, channelling the sun’s rays through a magnifying glass of 70s synths and electric sitars to initiate a Donna Summer Solstice.”

It's a shame that the day is grey in London today, as 'Hot Salt' certainly captures the Midsummer mood in which is was birthed. The basic beats and synths are bouncy and playful throughout, and this lays the table for a melting pot of ideas that the duo throw into the mix as it bubbles along. Amid invigorating synth stabs and unquantifiable layers of creative production, the duo trade suggestive verses until Ling brings it all around in the chorus: "our bodies will be mixing together/ under the moonlight in this hot salt weather."

Check out 'Hot Salt' below.

audiobooks have announced some new tour dates, including their first headline show at London's Sebright Arms next week. See the full list below.

Live Dates

16 June – London: Green Man Ahoy, Tower Millennium Pier
19 June – London: The Sebright Arms **Headline Show**
26 July – St. Germans, Cornwall: Port Eliot Festival
14 Sept – Hawarden, Flintshire: The Good Life Experience