Tesha is rapidly rising, and there's no mystery as to why. Having released her first EP in 2016 to small audience, her fortunes seem certain to greatly improve with Growing Pain II.

If only it could have been under better circumstances. Tesha's latest songwriting is inspired by the death of her parents, as well as a move from her lifelong home in Tel Aviv to the bizarre meccca that is New York City.

Having discovered a talent for music largely via her mother's piano as a child, the loss of such a figure left an emptiness in her musical life, necessitating the power of her new work.

And powerful it is. Despite having cut her teeth on influences such as Laurie Anderson and Kate Bush, Tesha's music shares more in common with the stark, foreboding power of Fever Ray.

However, Growing Pain II is something all her own, there is no real pinning Tesha down.

She herself elaborates, "This one is a heavy hitter. It's hard to write about it without crying which is very ironic. This song is about my mom's funeral. It was very sunny outside, and knew she wanted me to laugh about this. She definitely didn't want me to get stuck on the loss, but it hurt and it was also funny at the same time because I was comforting all of her devastated patients (which is why all the contrast in the lyrics exist).

This song is what I sing to myself when I want to fall apart, because I know that someone I really love that has left this earth wants me to keep on going.

THE TRUTH, and I say this with a heavy heart, is that you shouldn't let anything drag you down from being who you are supposed to be. You might be down, deep in a shitpit, so deep that you can't see anything positive about it. But those heartbreaks make us stronger and they will unveil their purpose with time."

Begin to delve into her wounded, yet strengthened, world via 'The Funeral' below.