The ever inventive Clark has announced a new album: it's called Kiri Variations and comes out on July 26th through his own label Throttle Records. The album comes partnered with the airing of a new track called 'Cannibal Variations' - a song much less hectic and violent than its title suggests.

We've heard Clark sweep grandiloquently from pounding techno to crystalline beauty many times in the past, but on 'Cannibal Variations' he sticks to the slow and spare approach, revealing instrumental delicacy amidst greyscale soundscapes. In fact, 'Cannibal Variations' starts off like a scratchy broadcast of a long lost post-rock song, as falsetto squeaks out over skeletal piano and fuzz. Clark drops in hammer blows of electronics, but 'Cannibal Variations' never kicks off into a techno song, instead remaining ever clenched in overpowering awe, with voices singing out from between the gnarled blocks of sound dotted throughout the track's surprising soundscape. The result is stark and heroic, like the dust settling on a battle, where good has overcome - but at what cost?

Clark's new album Kiri Variations comes out through Throttle Records on July 26th (pre-order).