Bonnacons of Doom is an experimental collective of musicians, primarily based in Liverpool, whose lineup is partly shrouded in mystery. Similar to their membership, the music they make is equally shifty and hard to pin down, as their new single 'Solus' proves.

'Solus' begins with doom-laden drumming, oppressive synth undertones and the ritualistic goat-like yelps and wordless female crooning. Bonnacons of Doom are patient with their music making, allowing these forms to slowly take hold over 3 minutes, before they launch into an escalating post-rock explosion. The haunting vocal elements remain, gradually getting more and more desperate and blood-curdling as the guitars really start to turn the screw in the song. Bonnacons of Doom have enough experience from their years of working in other projects to know when to ease off the throttle a little, build up some more momentum, and then launch into the attack once more for the final minutes. It's a deadly track.

Bonnacons leader Rob has this to say about their creation process: "The ritualistic is central to what we do... for us, performance exists as this space which is other to everyday life and allows us to access something primal. I was brought up in a religious sect and in my childhood the house was often full of people singing and speaking in tongues... Music is used as a force of control and cohesion in religion- it takes people out of themselves by producing different states of consciousness. The album is full of found sound from different religious traditions buried in the mix. By using that cut-up approach we want to be the opposite of controlling- we want people to project what’s important to them on the experience, to create their own ritualistic meanings.”

Listen to 'Solus' below.

'Solus' is the opening track from the debut album Bonnacons of Doom, coming out through Rocket Recordings on May 18th. They'll also be playing these live dates:

11 March - London, Garage Rocket Recordings 20th Anniversary Weekender
16 May - Utrecht, ACU, NL
18 May - Nantes, Wine Nat White Heat Festival, FR
19 May - Lille, La Malterie, FR
25 May - London, Raw Power Festival