Exploded View is the band that formed in Mexico around the nucleus of German singer Anika. They released their debut self-titled album in 2016, an intriguing experiment in avant-garde pop songwriting. They will further that sound with a new album called Obey, due out on September 28th on Sacred Bones.

By way of introduction to their new album, Exploded View have released the dark new single 'Raven Raven'. Ever the harbinger of morbidity, the raven makes a descent into this churning and paranoid song as a symbol of ubiquitous observation and nefarious intentions. As Anika stares down the titular bird in her vocal take, the band marches on, shifting gears between motorik marching and psychedelic sailing, ever pulling the listener deeper into a cavern of analogue intrigue.

Speaking on 'Raven Raven', Exploded View tell us “Ever felt like someone is watching your every move? Your every twitch, your every sneeze? Stare back into the face of observation. Never give in to external control. You can break this.”

Listen to 'Raven Raven' below.

Exploded View will be touring the US in October and November, check their dates on their Facebook. Pre-order Obey from their Bandcamp.