Hypnotic Germany-meets-Mexico band Exploded View recently announced their second album Obey for release through Sacred Bones on September 28th, along with the song 'Raven Raven'. This week they have followed it up with 'Sleepers'.

The band has given us this by way of introduction to 'Sleepers':

"Break free and fly above the clouds outside the lines that we were told were good for us. Free yourself from your own prison. Remove the shackles of fear to find that the unknown is not so scary and can be full of precious discoveries (sometimes only possible during sleep). A constant trip comes to an abrupt and unresolved ending with the collapse and eerie shriek of the Arp Solina.”

In reading that and listening to 'Sleepers', you can see why Exploded View have titled their new album Obey; they want to do away with people's apathy and make them take control of their lives, to guide them to somewhere more spiritual and free. 'Sleepers' is a tricky song in its production, with sounds shifting from channel to channel while layers of synth ooze over each other, causing a mental fug. However, vocally, Anika carries the song up and out of the mire, above the clouds, as though giving a vision of what could be if you just allow yourself liberation from daily drudgery - only for it all to collapse in a beautiful melange of analogue sounds. Check it out below.

Exploded View will be heading out on their first ever North American tour in support of Obey, you can see the full list of dates here.