I don't know about you but I'm bummed about being sat back in the office on a Tuesday tied to a laptop after a glorious weekend of sunshine in the garden with good tunes and good vibes aplenty. But music stops for no wo(man) though and that seems a good place to introduce myself. Hi! I'm Shell Zenner and I'm a radio presenter on Amazing Radio, the radio home of new and emerging music. Yep, I'm a new music aficionado, I trawl the blogs, head to distant shores and search the t'internets latest uploads for the cream of the new music crop relentlessly.

I've written for The 405 before back at SXSW 2012 and I'm a huge fan of what The 405 stand for and so I'm delighted to be able to join the team to share some of my musical insights on a regular basis!

It's been a bit of a whirlwind this last month, I've been to New York/Brooklyn, Austin, San Francisco, Brighton and Barcelona and managed to shoehorn Primavera, The Great Escape and Austin Psychfest into that time as well as a viewing of an albino crocodile and some penguins at the California Academy Of Sciences whilst checking out the new Beat Connection line up.

Mac DeMarco and Goat's shows have been my stand out live acts of the winter - summer season and if you haven't checked out 2 and World Music I heartily recommend that you jump to it. You won't regret it.

I was fortunate on two counts: firstly to get to see Mac DeMarco in his native Montreal back in November at M for Montreal Festival, the first time I saw him hoist girlfriend Keira on his back to sing 'Together'. There I experienced the Silver Door, the Montreal equivalent of Salford's Fuhrer Bunker (yep I'm based that way) and saw Mac and his band in various guises on home turf.

Secondly I was lucky enough to be present at Goat's blistering debut US show at the Music Hall Of Williamsburg. The mysterious Swedish outfit donned face masks and tunics to disguise their identity on stage which heightened the sense of excitement which was raised yet further during the extended wig out that was 'Run to Your Mama'...

I'll be dropping you five relatively new artist that I'm ridiculously giddy about every time I write here on The 405 and so for Junes ears, I shall leave you with these:

1. Barbarian: I'm a proud fan of 60s garage and surf fuzz and San Diego groovers Barbarian coin this to a tee. The understated 'California Nightmare' washes over you in a summer haze and wants me to pack a bag and escape to the west coast, pronto!

2. The Babies: Sometimes It only takes a brief read of a press release for me to know they will fit my ears perfectly. With a shot in the arm from Vivian Girls and Woods, The Babies were a must see for me at Primavera. They didn't disappoint and second record 'Our House On The Hill' is definitely on my must listen to list this month.

3. Harts: A soulful dance infusion is the perfect antidote to the dreary weather we've had to sit through the last couple of months and I'm genuinely surprised that Melbourne's Harts is still as under the radar as he is, his Offtime EP has been a delight to these ears.

4. Kiran Leonard: Whilst in Brighton I was handed an album from the young Kiran Leonard from Oldham. Ever keen to champion artists from the North West I took a listen and was struck by the raw brilliance of his sound at such a tender age. The future is bright for this singer songwriter that's for sure.

5. Feathers: The girl group is back with a bang and that reverb laden guitar furrow is the one that has been most regularly tread of late. So it's music to my ears to hear Austin band Feathers brand of electro synth pop. With the swagger live to match and a slew of tour dates supporting Little Boots under their belt these girls are set to go far.