Despite weekends jam packed with festivals, you've got time to get yourself to a computer to check out a few new artists right!?

It's been a busy one that's for sure. Highlights this end have been witnessing the return of Goldheart Assembly with a brand new record Long Distance Song Effects recorded in Switzerland and continuing to use an assortment of random pieces of material as instrumentation.

Throwing Up are a name and act that are pretty unforgettable. Having recently released their debut album on Tim Burgess' Ogenesis label, I got to catch up with them for a chat at a quaint tea shop on Oldham Street in Manchester before watching them tear the Night and Day apart later that night. I didn't manage to see Beat Mark's show but I snuck into BBC 6 Music to watch them perform a gorgeous session for Marc Riley, which was nice.

Manchester and its ever inspiring artists afforded more special moments last month than I can count on both hands! Temple Songs' debut single launch offered three for the price of one, backed by Base Ventura and Bell Peppers.

M O N E Y's album debuting MIF show was emotionally charged and saw lead singer Jamie entering the venue to start the show with simply a raw vocal before locating a piano within the crowd for a rendition of 'Goodnight London'. Bernard and Edith supported and it was great to see them step up to the big stage just days after supporting Embers, who absolutely killed it at their colossal church based Manchester debut headline show.

Brown Brogues' 'BRO BRO 4' night saw them showcasing some new songs off their forthcoming second album, alongside introducing me to a new Manchester garage band called MiSTOA POLTSA who took to the stage with plenty of swagger and a guitar that looked like a toilet seat.

The Carefully Planned all dayer saw Kiran Leonard play yet another impressive solo set, before Songs For Walter showed off their full band credentials.

Over in Sheffield, Tramlines festival kicked off with a set from the awesome PINS who's debut album has been music to my ears over the past few weeks. Highlights included High Hazels, Cheatahs, Kappa Gamma, Tropic Of Youth, Nadine Shah and the incredible Loom.

Those five tips for this month?

1. Natalie McCool: I first heard Natalie several months ago and was blown away by her understated sound. In the past few months she has released a track featuring Bernard Butler, recorded an album with legendary producer Steve Levine and to top it off she's been nominated in the Liverpool Music Awards as female artist of the year. Go Girl!

2. Ballet School: When Simon Raymonde posts about a band saying they're bloody amazing, you're a fool if you don't take notice. You know what I'm saying? This Berlin trio offer a strong female lead underpinned with uplifting and melodic sounds that offer a sweep of dreaminess.

3. Loom: If I didn't mention that lead singer Tarik's brother is Faris from the Horrors then this would probably have been a first. However, now that's out of the way, I'd like to point out that if it was all style over substance then I'd already be bored. The most raucous live set I witnessed at Sheffield Tramlines Festival this year was at the hands of Loom. There was more of the band in the crowd than on the stage at one point and with quality musicianship aplenty it's clear that they've honed their craft before hitting the national gig circuit. Must See.

4. The Money Go Round: The psych thang is back with a bang and is right up my street (I've already attended one psychfest in Austin and I have another three lined up this year too!). Australia and New Zealand have been the birthplace of some of my favourite new psych-infused bands, and Sydney comes up trumps again with a band that describe themselves as feeling like the 60s with a modern spit and polish.

5. High Hazels: I love guitar bands. Something that the UK has been great at producing in the past and continues to produce to this day. Sheffield has seen some of the best of recent years emerging from its steel walls and High Hazels join The Crookes and Arctic Monkeys in being a cut above the rest. 'Hearts Are Breaking' is quite an apt title for the four piece's debut single due out on Heist Or Hit soon, as I'm sure they're going to break a few hearts.