Concepts like the vastness of the universe or the ocean’s mysterious depths are difficult to fully grasp without losing perspective on life. Long Beach native Dustin Lovelis attempts to tackle the subject with twinkling psych rock melodies on 'Abyss', a single taken from last summer’s LP, Been Hit Before. Watch below.

“It all ended before it began as planned,” Lovelis sings, distorting our already warped lens, as we become surrounded by disfigured humanoids in the brand new video directed by Corey Watson. Maybe I’ve been living in LA too long, but the opening frame of this clip feels like it’s trying to sell me a copy of Dianetics, a central text of Scientology. He’s not related to that cult, of course, though Watson still doubles down on how disturbing 'The Abyss' can get. Harmless as the low-quality Sims-like characters technically are, they still land in an uncomfortable part of the uncanny valley, performing nonsensical actions in this simulation of a nightmare. At least we can take comfort knowing it is just that, a projection into the void.

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