Exposure is our scrapbook of our favourite new bands. Today's exposure features Tel Aviv based Electronic-hop artist, Adi Ulmansky.

  • Name: Adi Ulmansky
  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Genre: Electronic-hop, Sea-punk
  • For Fans of: MIA, Peaches, Grimes
  • Website: Tumblr

It's not often you find artists who are comfortable with being a little bit weird. And even when they are, few of them are able to be successful at it. That's because they are either too 'weird' to fathom, or faux-weird. You know, the bands that lament about the awkwardness of their teenage years, but haven't been quite that able to shake off their more telling 'jockish' swagger.

But there's nothing disingenuous about Adi Ulmansky. Growing up in ultra-conservative Israel, listening to the likes of Radiohead and being influenced by M.I.A. was probably considered weird and in fact blasphemous in some circles. In the melange that was formed from her musical and artistic influences also results in something that’s a little bit 'quirky'. Her subtle accent comes out when she raps, and the beats that she raps over are off-kilter to say the least - but it all just, sort of…works.