Exposure is our scrapbook of our favourite new artists. Today's exposure features enthrallingly eclectic, South East London producer Alex Light.

  • Name: Alex Light
  • Location: SE London, England
  • Genre: Electro-tinged Dance Music'
  • For Fans of: Chad Valley, Disclosure
  • Website: Facebook

Almost certain to be subjected to a progressively brighter, more dazzling ray throughout 2013, is London-dwelling producer and multi-instrumentalist Alex Light. Over the past six months, the 24-year-old’s twitchy beats and vivid synth-scapes have been awakening tired limbs on sticky dancefloors – namely through his glitchy, club makeover of Manc duo The Ting Tings and a thrilling reimagining of this year’s Crystal Fighters and Feed Me hook-up.

The first taste of this solo moniker is EP teaser ‘Silhouettes’ (below), which ignites curiosity instantaneously by straddling disparate influences and melding them into an infectious and progressive pop triumph. Its Balearic, Delorean-aping intro evokes a hazy, beach-weary summer; the delayed, nostalgic synths rippling like a heatwave on a piercing blue horizon. Then, the soulful, almost Bon Iver-ish double-tracked vocals enter, both rousing and wooing to equal extent. Mesmerisingly, it then explodes into a blissful, Bobby Tank-like mid-burner, decorated by the kind of jazzy, brass hook that took Touch and Go’s ‘Would you…?’ to the summit of guilty pleasure lists pre-Millennium.