Exposure is our scrapbook of our favourite new bands. Today's exposure features Toronto genre-spanning duo, Aurganic.

  • Name: Aurganic
  • Location: Toronto/New York
  • Genre: Electronica, Experimental
  • For Fans of: Massive Attack, Radiohead
  • Website: Facebook

Aurganic is made up two long-time friends, Mike and Leo. After having grown up with each other (and their subsequent shifting tastes), the friends settled into an eclectic mix of jazz, indie and electronica as their sound in 2010; Aurganic was born. In March of last year, they released their self-produced record, Life as a Canvas, featuring multiple guest vocals and appearances by local Toronto artists. Being pleased with the local praise for that record, Aurganic decided to hit the studio again, and prep their second release, Deviation, which saw an evolution occur.

Deviation, due out on September 24th, is airy alternative music, a blend of the organic and inorganic. 'Lucid' slides along on a slinking Massive Attack beat as the duo's voices weave in and around a thin and strip down guitar line, hitting sublime harmonies every other measure. Opening track 'Choices', which features friend, Joel Goguen, is built on wind chimes and a lucid, woodwind-like guitar lick.