Exposure is our scrapbook of our favourite new artists. Today's exposure features the wonderful lo-fi rock fuzz of Bored Nothing from Melbourne, Australia.

  • Name: Bored Nothing
  • Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • Genre: Lo-fi, 90's revivalist, fuzz rock
  • For Fans of: Elliott Smith, Sebadoh, Guided By Voices.
  • Website: Official Site

The only bio I can find for Bored Nothing simply says "Bored Nothing is a melbourne dude who makes washed out 90s guitar music on a little 4-track" which to be honest, is pretty much all you need to know. We are being inundated by a wave of revivalist nonsense right now, most of it so poor it makes you question why you don't just forget about the myriad of new-school copycats and listen exclusively to the bands that did it so well in the first place. Amidst all this misplaced self righteousness there are bands like Bored Nothing. Bands that capture your imagination, who actually have an understanding of songwriting and produce something more than t-shirts and tote bags. Something that would have not just have slotted into the 90s scene, but been really successful in it.

Bored Nothing's self-titled debut album will be released on 8th April by Spunk Records / Cooperative.