Exposure is our scrapbook of our favourite new bands. Today's exposure features Southampton based quintet Co-Pilgrim.

  • Name: Co-Pilgrim
  • Location: Southampton, UK
  • Genre: Folk Pop
  • For Fans of: Buffalo Springfield, Oliva Tremor Control
  • Website: Facebook

Co-Pilgrim is the latest recording project of Mike Gale, aided and abetted by Joe Bennett (Danny & The Champions Of the World, The Dreaming Spires) and Ride mainman Mark Gardener (both vocally and as mixer of the record). It’s fair to say that Co-Pilgrim has a love of The Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield and the compositions of Van Dyke Parks. But, this is no pastiche or half cocked attempt at replication. This is the sound of a matured, world aware songwriter making music that honours what has passed, but also looks for new sounds to guide you through troubled waters. There are shades of a less collage-obsessesed Oliva Tremor Control, a less saccharine Apples In Stereo and even hints of the neo-psychedelic scene coming out of East LA. Gorgeous harmonies and proper sensibilities dominate Co-Pilgrim's sound, Gardener and Bennett’s production values are on point with the golden age of popular music (the mid 60s) but with the obvious benefit of modern approaches