Exposure is a scrapbook of our favourite new bands. Today's exposure features Melbourne-based Garage-psych-folk artist, Courtney Barnett.

  • Name: Courtney Barnett
  • Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • Genre: Garage-psych-folk
  • For Fans Of: Beaches, Pavement
  • Website: Artist Page On label

Courtney Barnett's songs are wordy, adventurous tales with warping, jangly guitars setting the table. Take 'Avant Gardener,' her latest single - it starts out with a foot-tapping groove, but ultimately unfurls into a open story about a character (or herself). In between verses, there's a killer vocal harmony bit and some squalling, dying guitar noise that adds so much to the song. Altogether, Barnett's retelling of random, offbeat stories is highly humorous and insatiably addictive. If you like it from the start, you'll love it forever, because Barnett's tracks move like wild, psychedelic poems with earworming music that shan't ever be forgot.