Exposure is a scrapbook of our favourite new bands. Today's exposure features London-based singer-songwriter, Douglas Dare.

It feels wrong to describe the music of London-based Douglas Dare simply as 'singer-songwriter'. After all, Dare's most recent release is perfect example of intelligent and inventive piano-based pop music, full of remarkable, delicate melodies and intimate, atmospheric instrumentation. It's no wonder that Dare, whose name sounds more akin to a rapper, has such a masterful grasp of piano and composition, not only did he study music at The University of Liverpool, he's also the son of a piano teacher. His music has recently seen him picked up by Erased Tapes, a label renowned for releasing progressive avant-garde music.

Douglas Dare's debut EP Seven Hours is released on 30th September and will be accompanied by performances at St Barnabas Church (30th September) and Village Underground (1st October).