Exposure is our scrapbook of our favourite new bands. Today's exposure features Russian-based Electronic-soul artist, Feyorz.

  • Name: Feyorz
  • Location: Russia
  • Genre: Soul, Electronic
  • For Fans of: Flying Lotus, Blood Orange
  • Website: Soundcloud

Super-soulful and incredibly groovy, Feyorz is a one-man instrumental anomaly. Blending nostalgic vibes with solid contemporary production styles is one thing Daft Punk has done, but Feyorz does it in a very minimalist way. Sometimes jazzy and most of the times groovy, Feyorz has released two albums, titled luvxplrers and luvblvrs. Both are free downloads from Feyorz's Bandcamp, which is a delight. Both of the albums are very, very smooth in transitioning and wondrous beyond comparison. Delights like 'Until I Luv U' (which actually isn't on either album) and 'Need4U' are essential to dive into if you like soulful instrumentals.