Exposure is a scrapbook of our favourite new bands. Today's exposure features Missourian dream-addled lo-fi duo, Golden Curls.

  • Name: Golden Curls
  • Location: St. Louis, USA
  • Genre: Woozy Pop
  • For Fans of: Bear (The Ghost), Beach House
  • Website: Bandcamp

Golden Curls was originally birthed over the Internet, with Noah Blackwell (guitars/keys) and Sarah Downen (vocals/keys) trading ideas via email while at college, eventually taking the project into a more full-time direction and releasing their Warm Fiction EP. They weave sonic tapestries adorned with intoxicated beats and drawling guitars, creating a giddy haze wherever they play. They work shimmering synth layers over more organic sounds, charging their music with electronic elements and smokescreen samples to ensure they're not lost among the dreampop phalanx.