Exposure is our scrapbook of our favourite new bands. Today's exposure features Melbourne based Electronic artist Illstrtd.

  • Name: Illstrtd
  • Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • Genre: Electronic
  • For Fans of: Rustie, Hudson Mohawke
  • Website: Twitter

Illstrtd makes music with a powerful pulse, but that would perhaps not just be ideally suited to a booming soundsystem (though some of it undoubtedly could be). Instead, it conjures images of the hours at the tail end of a long, great night; a desire for beats that are present but not overpowering, a palpable residue of euphoria giving way to a calmer contentedness.

Many of the tracks available on Illstrtd's Soundcloud hint at the same infectious melodies, rattling beats and overall sense of giddiness as Rustie. He keeps things a little mellower though, and hews a little closer to slightly more traditional R&B touchstones. Silky basslines bubble up and wind rather than buzz and confront, vocal samples appear unaffected as often as they do twisted and chopped. It all comes together best on 'Violet Sunset', a genuinely excellent piece of modern electronic music that you may well struggle not to replay incessantly after first listen.