Exposure is a scrapbook of our favourite new bands. Today's exposure features Detroit based R&B producer, JMSN.

  • Name: JMSN
  • Location: Detroit, United States
  • Genre: R&B, Alternative
  • For Fans of: The Weeknd, Ab-Soul
  • Website: Tumblr

It’s been a year since Priscilla was released - JMSN's (pronounced Jameson, like the whisky) solo debut on White Room Records (his own label). After the Love Arcade adventure, Detroit –born Christian Berishaj not only wrote and produced the album, but also directed the videos for 'Alone', 'Hotel' and 'Something'. He's also had support from artists like Usher, who called JMSN his "favourite new act."

Following the DIY route, JMSN released a new self-directed video for 'Love & Pain', and a new track called 'Fool' (in honour of joining the Neighbourhood on tour, as he explains on his Soundcloud page) that seems to detach itself from the usual R&B-tinted output - heading towards a chilled-out, introspective mood.

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