Exposure is our scrapbook of our favourite new artists. Today's exposure features Lisbon-based lo-fi band Juba.

  • Name: Juba
  • Location: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Genre: Lo-Fi / Chill Pop
  • For Fans of: Animal Collective, Foals, Battles
  • Website: Bandcamp

Lisbonites JUBA have taken elements from a dizzying array of genres, wined, dined and seduced them and then fucked them into something completely new and exciting. Imagine Battles and !!! had a love child, but in a twist worthy of Jeremy Kyle, the real father was Animal Collective. With sperm donated by Foals. It's that much of a heady cocktail of parts.

JUBA manage to take math-y post-rock and strip it down to the bare essentials; bass that knocks you of your seat and onto the dancefloor and drums that skitter and hop whilst maintaining a near motorik repetition, save for some choice fills and flams. Add in vocals that Animal Collective would get moist pants for and some high end battle cries from both the borderline psychotropic synths and razor sharp guitars and you have a Molotov cocktail of a band.

It’s fair to say the influences JUBA have are in abundance, and worn on their sleeves. But they aren't about pastiche or homage even, it's just taking things they identify and moulding them into a wholly new and thoroughly fucking ace sound. Fans of AC, Battles, Foals et al will adore this band, without feeling short changed, and straight up indie kids, punks and electronic purists alike will love the energy and evolving theorems within their sound.