Exposure is our scrapbook of our favourite new bands. Today's exposure features Brooklyn-based Dream Pop band, Lizard Kisses.

  • Name: Lizard Kisses
  • Location: Brooklyn, USA
  • Genre: Indie Folk, Dream Pop
  • For Fans of: Gem Club, Black Light Dinner Club
  • Website: Facebook

If you give one listen to 'Loosen', you'll find yourself entranced into a dream sequence of serenity. Lizard Kisses aren't always this dreamy, but the band is nearly always this good. Florist, aka Emily Sprague, also features on 'Loosen', singing harmonies with the two members of Lizard Kisses, Marc Merza and Cory Siegler. Cory's floaty and absolutely incredible vocal registers right in the heart. The band's music is all "pay what you wish" and definitely all worth checking out. Their latest single, 'And The Sun Will Shine For Only Us' is vocals and accordion only and completely sublime.