Exposure is our scrapbook of our favourite new bands. Today's exposure features sad-core duo Madrid.

  • Name: Madrid
  • Location: London, UK and Sao Paolo, Brazil
  • Genre: Sad-Core, Indie Pop
  • For Fans of: Black Heart Procession, Smog, Dresden Dolls.
  • Website: Official Website

Madrid are Adriano Cintra (formerly of Cansei de Ser Sexy) and Bonde do Role ex-pat Marina (Gasolina). Odd that two Brazilians would choose a Spanish name, but hey! They were former touring buddies, having gone on the road circa 2006/7 and so the inevitable collaboration occurred a few short years later. The resulting album, also called Madrid, was written and recorded in Sao Paolo, Brazil, though in all honesty it could have been written in Leeds, the focus being more on melancholy fragility rather than the rave influenced sex-funk of their previous groups.

Brooding piano chords and hushed vocals, bursting with a rueful sense of loveless and love lost propel the listener through an emotive swamp. By the end of standout track 'Bride Dress In A Frame', you want to weep.... this is a modernist torch song, one for the end of night indie discos, a song that makes you want to change your bad luck. This band will divide audiences no doubt. Some will adore this darker direction, whilst others will yearn for more of the same as CSS. The latter are probably missing the point. But you can’t win them all.