Exposure is our scrapbook of our favourite new bands. Today's exposure features Brussels based Indie Pop four-piece Montevideo.

  • Name: Montevideo
  • Location: Brussels, Belgium
  • Genre: Indie Pop
  • For Fans of: dEUS, Phoenix, David Bowie (circa Heroes)
  • Website: Official Website

Belgian quartet Montevideo (named after the capital of Uruguay, geography fans) are an odd fruit. Influenced as much by the golden age of post-Glam Bowie (the Berlin trilogy essentially, he spoilt it with Ashes to Ashes and all that New Romantic shite) as they are by modern Belgium and European indie rock, they make music thats both very now and retrogressive, enough to avoid kitschy pastiche. Which nobody wants (see The Darkness as a prime example *shudders*) Mix in some ingrained love of house and techno music, courtesy of frontman Jean’s time spent in San Francisco, absorbing the mixtapes and late night sounds of Mark Farina, DJ Sneak etc, and you have an interesting composition afoot.

The track “Castles” is doing the rounds at the moment, in both it’s original form and a rather gorgeous remix from The Horror’s Tom Furse. I much prefer the old faithful myself, all strained strings and slightly worn elastic basslines. Part Phoenix, part Bowie-esque torch song, part definantly Belgian art-pop, Castles is three and a bit minutes of yum. Not the best use of the English language there, but I speak nothing but gospel, my friends.