Exposure is our scrapbook of our favourite new bands. Today's exposure features Brooklyn garage-rock based trio No Kill.

  • Name: No Kill
  • Location: Brooklyn, USA
  • Genre: Lo-fi / Garage Rock
  • For Fans of: Henry’s Dress, Royal Trux, Joy Zipper, Best Coast
  • Website: Bandcamp

Brooklyn trio NO KILL (they decided a bass player was excess fat early on) have been spewing out short, sharp capsules of low-brow-lo-fi (new genre alert) since the turn of the decade. Taking their cues from everything from the garage band scene of 60’s Washington state (The Wailers being a prime example), to the murkier sorrow-pop nuances of alt-country, via primal punk rock and twin harmonic pop vocals.

The result is a three minute case of retrogressive majesty, the finest parts of the last forty plus years, distilled, bent outta shape and forced through a wholly tunnel-visionesque version of pop music. Songs about love, regret and all that makes you breathe sharper than the average indie rock that is doing the rounds. The boy / girl vocals remind of a more jaded Joy Zipper, bitter from all the heartache and late nights crying into a overfilled whiskey glass. Elements too of Henry’s Dress, Royal Trux and My Bloody Valentine add to the tension, the release and the thoroughly pissed off vibe that NO KILL eminate.