Exposure is our scrapbook of our favourite new bands. Today's exposure features Portland, Oregon's Rare Monk.

  • Name: Rare Monk
  • Location: Portland, Oregon, US
  • Genre: Indie Rock
  • For Fans Of: Modest Mouse, Phoenix, Foals
  • Website: Facebook

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, this five-piece take their love of classic '90s Indie Rock and frame it with their very own psychedelic edge - resulting in soundscape that's both grounded yet astral, and mind-blowing yet numbing. Bred from years of late-night, booze-filled sonic explorations, the band - which includes multi-instrumentalist frontman Dorian Aites - met in college and took things from there, ending with a sound they feel is wholly their own: "Although we draw upon many genres for inspiration, we've been creating our own thing based on nothing other than the idea that, 'these are the songs we wrote cause they sound cool'" says Aites. Whilst the anthemic 'Sleep/Attack' is their best offering (in this humble music writer's opinion), like all clever bands, they have begun to reap the benefits of an cleverly executed cover in the form of Bill Wither's classic 'Lovely Day', which is also worth a listen.

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